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Brighton Belle Pullman Train Carriage

On our grounds we had a 1930’s Brighton Belle carriage No 289 which was renamed The Derbyshire Belle when it arrived in Rowarth in 1972, it is an antique Pullman train carriage which was used on the London to Brighton Line. When the pub invested in the Derbyshire Belle it was firstly used as the pub’s restaurant and later converted to three B&B rooms (currently unused) which still hold all the original Art Deco features of the Belle train.

The Derbyshire Belle has now made it’s final departure from The Little Mill, it’s destination is where it will be lovingly restored and put back to work. Many thanks to all involved in saving this iconic Pullman carriage, especially Michael Attle for purchasing and making it all happen.
It was quite the week for our locals and everyone at The Little Mill, emotional at times, but all in all an overriding happiness that the carriage will now live on, creating even more memories for many people, for years to come.
Goodbye Belle 💖