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Our Food.                                                                                                                We’re proud of everything that goes into our delicious, homemade meals.                                                                                                                    Our team of chefs make almost everything from scratch, and are always on the lookout for the freshest seasonal produce to create exciting new dishes for you.                                                                                We are also proud to support British food and farming.  

Food Provenance: Knowing where food was grown, caught or raised; knowing how food was produced; knowing how far food was transported.                                                                                                          Kitchen garden & Greenhouse: We grow a large selection of fruit, veg & herbs ourselves.                                                                                 We forage on the hills around us for field & porcini mushrooms, apples, blackberries, bilberries, wild garlic, wild damson, plums and elderberries.                                                                                                      Some of our preferred local suppliers:                                                  Pork: Jane Edge organic (Tamworth), Brookside, Rowarth, 100 meters. Lamb: (Jacob) Higher Harthill Fm, Rowarth, 500 metres. Pork: Sean Wintrip, Mellor, 2 miles. Beef: (Hereford) Marl House Fm, Hayfield, 2 miles. Beef: (Limousin) Heys Fm, Hayfield, 2.5 miles. Fruit & Veg, Cheshire wholesale, 3 miles. Ice Cream: Peak District Dairy Farm, Tideswell. 12 miles. Game: Rowarth or Staffordshire Moorland, 0 or 14 miles. Venison: (Roe) Bosley, Cheshire, 17 miles.



Our Drink.                                                                                                                We are a free house and so choose every drink we sell ourselves. We have three cask ales, for example our Little Mill Reserve (4.5% ABV) is a traditional, darker, hoppy bitter, bespoke brewed for us by Coach House in Cheshire. Our other cask ales are on rotation depending upon the season and whatever tickles our fancy. We have a wide choice of lagers, stout, IPA and cider on draught . Our wine menu is handpicked and includes eight white, eight red, rose, champagne and prosecco. Or peruse our  selection of cocktails, gin’s, whiskies and spirits for a nightcap.                          0% alcohol, soft drinks and coffee are also available.


We source our produce on a daily basis, this means that all of our menu’s are samples and thus subject to market conditions, quality and availability. We are very grateful to everybody who chooses to dine with us, however to avoid disappointment could we please ask that you book a table as we have limited kitchen capacity, we may not look “full” as we have over 250 seats but our kitchen does have a limit on how much freshly cooked, homemade food can be made.  Table reservations are allocated two hours, for late arrivals tables will be held for 15 minutes.                                                  “Drinks only” tables are available on a first come first served basis. Thank you for your support. 



Sample Main menu

Sample Sunday menu